When can I start Aqua Tums?

You can start our courses from 14 weeks of pregnancy, although our classes are very gentle and designed for pregnancy, it is advised you seek GP/Midwife approval.

When do I have to stop the classes?

Classes are designed right up to your baby’s birth. After 36 weeks we offer a ‘pay weekly’ scheme to take you up to baby’s birth.  Once baby has been born, we welcome you back aid your post natal fitness, although it is best waiting 4-6 weeks post birth.

What do I bring?

A swimming costume, towel and water are required for our classes.  All other equipment is provided.

Do I have to be able to swim?

No! You don’t have to be able to swim to enjoy and undertake our classes.  Although, at the start of the class or the end….. if you can swim, we will show you specially adapted swimming stroked designed for pre and post natal fitness, so you can get the most out of your water regime.

How much do the classes cost?

At typical 45 min class costs between £8-£9 depending on the venue.

Where do you run the classes?

We currently run Aqua Tum classes in Coventry & Warwickshire, however if you would like a class near you and have always wanted to run your own business, then please do get in touch.  We have local licence opportunities. 

Can you tell me about your factsheets?

During the course you will receive useful factsheets giving you loads of information and advice for example … did you know that the effects of the hormone relaxin can last up to 5 months after the birth?  For this reason we teach you adapted breast stroke movements, which can help with any pelvic problems.  Post pregnancy you'll love our factsheet on boosting breast milk with our adapted back/front crawl stroke, as arm movements post pregnancy can stimulate milk flow.

Are you Qualified?

Be assured, we are fully qualified and insured, not only do our instructors hold an Aqua Diploma that are specifically designed for pregnancy, but they have also have received Aqua Tums program training as well as being First Aiders and Life Savers.  Safety in our classes is paramount.
Latest News


09 February 2015

Our February courses are now available to book online.


21 December 2014

We are really excited to announce two new venues for our classes in 2015.

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